The Iraqi Postgraduate Medical Journal is a medical journal issued in English; it is concerned in all medical specializations.
It started from year 2000. It is a peer-reviewed based publication and it is approved for scientific promotion purposes.
It is considered an important source for many researchers. It is published quarterly and available in paper and electronic forms.
Our journal is indexed in:
- Directory of Medical Journals for the Middle East Region, In 2005, it was selected to be one of the sources 
of input of the  IMEMR, Index Medicus
- Scientific site of Iraqi scientific and academic journals (
- Iraqi National Library
- Central Library of Baghdad University
- The first medical journal that has been indexed in the directory of Iraqi Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research.
- For four consecutive years (2009 0 2012), it has been ranked first on the medical journals in Iraq and has been awarded by
appreciation certificates by the Research and Development Department of the Iraqi Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific