The Iraqi Postgraduate Medical Journal is a periodical peer-reviewed journal. It is published quarterly. The journal welcomes contribution on new medical subjects from all parts of the world. Papers are accepted on the consideration on the understanding that the contents have not been published in whole or in part by other journals. The papers are subject to editorial revision, and the editor is responsible for the order of publication.
Manuscripts are only accepted for publication on the understanding that the authors will permit editorial amendments, though proofs will always be submitted to the corresponding author before being sent finally to press.
Manuscripts should be submitted to IPMJ style. The paper (in case submitted manually to the secretariat of the Journal) should be typewritten or printed, in double spacing on A4 papers (21 x 29.7 cm) with a margin of at least 3 cm all around, not to exceed 15 pages at maximum. Three copies of the manuscript and illustrations should be submitted along with CD containing the article and the author should retain a copy for reference and must give a signed consent to publication.
Prior to the initial submission of a new manuscript, please carefully consider that all authors names are included as no change to authors details will be permitted after the initial submission

Articles should be set out as follows, each section beginning on a separate page:
Title page; should give the information on title of article,  names of each author, the department and
institution to which the work should be attributed, the name and full address, phone number and E-mail of the
corresponding author.
Summary page;  the abstract; should include a brief statement - not to exceed- about each of the main sections of the article ;

- Background

- Objective

- Patients and methods 

- Result 

- Conclusion 

- Keywords

Text page or pages; should include:

(1) Introduction;

(2) Patients and Methods or Materials and Methods;

(3) Structured Results;

(4) Discussion ;

(5) Conclusion;

(6) Acknowledgment.

Reference page; References should be numbered consecutively in the order in which they are first mentioned consecutively, and

formatted according to Vancouver Style ( All references must be cited in the text or tables. Unpublished data and personal communications will not be accepted as references.
The IPMJ reference sequence should be observed; name (s) of authors; title of paper; name of journal in full; year; volume, first and last page number. Reference to books should be set out as in the following name(s) of authors, year, little of subject ,in: textbook. editors, edition ,chapters ,pp, publisher. Electronic reference should the set as: author(s) name, year ,title paper :available at: website .
Author's page; Of should give the names of all authors; their qualifications and main appointments. Please include the name and address of authors to whom reprints requests should be made.
Tables; each table should be printed in separate sheet and numbered in Arabic numerals and Illustrations; photographs and radiographs should be submitted in half-plate prints (17x11cm).
All figures should be unmounted . Arabic numerals should be given to number the illustrations. Illustrations in colors should not be submitted unless the author is willing to cover the cost.
CASE REPORT:  should not exceed 300 words, 3 illustrations and 3-4 reference. The section should be:

(1) Case Report;

(2) Comment;

(3) References.

Authors should be responsible for recognizing and disclosing any sources of support for the work, including sponsor names along with explanations of the role of those sources if any in study design; collection, analysis, and interpretation of data; writing of the report; the decision to submit the report for publication; or a statement declaring that the supporting source had no such involvement; and whether the authors had access to the study data, with an explanation of the nature and extent of access, including whether access is on-going.

ETHICAL CONSENTall manuscripts reporting the results of experimental investigations involving human subjects should include a statement confirming that informed consent was obtained from each subjects or subject’s guardian ,after approval of the experimental protocol by a local human ethics committee .ethical approval is necessary not only for patient consent ,but to avoid duplication of work from the same institute, and confirms that the institute gives approval to release the data .when reporting experiments on animals ,authors should indicate whether the institutional and national guide for the care and use of laboratory animals was followed 

Address: All editorial communication should be addressed to Secretary of IPMJ Iraqi Board for Medical
Specializations, Al-Nasr Complex, near Dentistry Teaching Hospital, Bab AL-Muadham, Baghdad, Iraq. Mobile: 07903960529


The publication fees required by journal for an article to be paid by the author is divided into 50.000 ID as an article processing charge (APC) to be paid at submission , followed by 50.000 ID when the manuscript is accepted as final publishing fees...
Fees are to be submitted to the accountant in the journal dept. in the Iraqi Board for Medical Specializations or (60.000  ID) if to be transferred to ZainCash 07903960529 ... If  transfer fees to be paid by the author.... If paper is to be submitted from outside Iraq fees will be (60 $) to be paid at submission and (60 $) at paper acceptance .....